About me

Hi, my name is Ralph (pronounced 'Rafe') and I live in Brisbane. By profession I'm a web developer, doing mostly .Net and JavaScript-y type of stuff.

I've got two kids, Alexander and Eoin, and Tina's my wife. There's plenty of pictures of them (and me) on my Flickr. Tina's parents are from Zakynthos, a Greek island, and we've been going to Greece every two years since 2005, just for short, month-long holidays (I'm always learning Greek, to some extent). On our big trip to Europe in 2015-2016, we spent nearly four months there at one stage. In fact I wrote a book about that magic time, called On a Greek Island: a Season in Zakynthos, which you can get on Amazon. Actually, I've recently finished a second book, this time about the entire trip, not just the Greek part, called European Odyssey.

I used to mostly write about tech stuff on this blog, but I'm beginning to do more on languages and travel. My aim is to get the confidence - for I believe it is a matter of confidence - to write about just about anything. Like my recent trip to Bali, for instance. There's not much you can't write about, and I believe writing is an end in itself - you don't have to draw any profound, earth-shattering conclusions in your short-form writing: just get your ideas down.

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