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Hi, my name is Ralph (pronounced 'Rafe') and I live in Brisbane. By profession I'm a web developer, doing mostly .Net and JavaScript-y type of stuff. Actually, I recently had a job working for Realex Payments, in the Docklands area of Dublin, in Ireland, which is where I'm from. My family and I were back for a year to see the ol' sod, and Europe in general. Read about our travels at Show Your Kids the World!

I've got two kids, Alexander and Eoin, and Tina's my wife. There's plenty of pictures of them (and me) on my Flickr. Tina's parents are from Zakynthos, a Greek island, and we've been going to Greece every two years since 2005, just for short, month-long holidays (I'm always learning Greek to some extent). On our big trip to Europe in 2015-2016, we spent nearly four months there at one stage. In fact I wrote a book about that magic time, called On a Greek Island: a Season in Zakynthos, which you can get on Amazon.

I used to mostly write about tech stuff on this blog, but I'm beginning to do more on languages and travel. My aim is to get the confidence - for I believe it is a matter of confidence - to write about just about anything. Like my recent trip to Bali, for instance. There's not much you can't write about, and I believe writing is an end in itself - you don't have to draw any profound, earth-shattering conclusions in your short-form writing: just get your ideas down.

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